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Après avoir écrit une petite introduction sur le candidat français à la présidentielle François Bayrou, je tiens à publier un avis d’un autre Français d’origine libanaise sur la raison pour laquelle Nicolas Sarkozy devrait être le meilleur candidat de la France, et son véritable amour pour le Liban. La France est l’amie et l’alliée traditionnelle du Liban, elle a toujours protégé l’indépendance et l’existence même de ce pays, elle lui a fait don […]

Here are what some bloggers are writing about StopLira: English: Brian, Lilianne, Najib, Khodr, Joseph, Mustapha Arabic: Imad,  Tony French: Hala

La dixième élection présidentielle de la Ve République, neuvième élection au suffrage universel direct, doit permettre d’élire le président de la République française pour un mandat de cinq ans. Elle se tiendra les 22 avril et 6 mai 2012. Pour les milliers de Francais d’origine Libanaise, qui sont admissible de voter a ses elections, sont presenter avec plusieurs candidats au présidentielles. Aujourd’hui nous présentons un entretiens avec, Ministre de l’Éducation nationale sous trois gouvernements […]

I’ve been recently introduced to a great Lebanese blog, full of articles and quality video content. I strongly encourage checking out

Parliament had met on Tuesday to debate a proposal presented by Democratic Gathering MPs Walid Jumblatt, Elie Aoun and Alaaeddine Terro that sought to ease labor, social security and property laws not granted to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Christian parties, collectively, feared “rushing” the amendments through would lead to the naturalization of Palestinians. I was […]

Every now and then, the Inner Circle posts about the expanding Lebanese blogosphere. Since the end of March, Blog Baladi wrote its first post. With five editors and a nicely designed logo, Blog Baladi is on its way to being the latest blog to nurture our collective ego :) They post on a regular basis, almost 2 or […]

ArabNet 2010 is the first international conference for the Arab web industry, bringing together leaders from across the MENA, Europe and Silicon Valley to discuss cutting-edge trends and emerging opportunities. Through pitch sessions, the conference will feature the region’s brightest ideas and most promising Internet start-ups, and connect them with the internet ecosystem: incubators, angel […]

After March 8, March 11 and March 14 – comes March 18th. Not sure who this time is behind it, but the cause sounds virtuous. The March 18 Movement was born out of a tragedy. On this day in 2009, Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, Iranian blogger and journalist, died in Evin Prison in Tehran. We have chosen […]

Almost one year ago today, the InnerCircle launched a voting poll, questioning who you found as the most Effective Lebanese in 2008. The word effective here insinuates* the one whom had the most influence and impact* – in your opinion – on the country’s political, economical, sociological and internal affairs. We even gave the option of adding a persons’ […]

Every now and then, the Innercircle posts about the expanding Lebanese blogosphere. Today, we’d like to introduce the suitely inclined Armigatus to the Innercircle. Even though we have much in common, the activism of Armigatus is much appreciated among this circle. While Armigatus refrains from entering chaotic Lebanese politics (and rightly so), his focus is […]

June 7, 2012: Check the Weird Lights over Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Two days ago, Libnanews posted an article about the witness of unidentified lights being seen in the skies of Jounieh, the news was first announced during LBC’s Il Maestro. During Sunday night and Monday morning, cars on the autostrade of Jounieh came to a […]

One of the fools here at the Innercircle (speaking on their behalf) have been following the Lebanese elections closely; “Though, I am forbidden to vote, I nagged at the embassy by a phone call, because the Lebanese Government, has delayed letting Lebanese residing abroad to vote, in order to pitch in our ideals for a Lebanon as a beacon. […]

You may have heard of the Angry Arab News Service. Yesterday, Asad Abu Khalil, author of the blog, stated the following: March 8 and their supporters are denying the obvious*: that Gen. Aoun has lost support among Christians since 2005. I saw one survey in Metn* which indicated that Aoun support among Maronites stands at no more […]

The New York Times set out to find the top 44 places to visit in 2009. The first on the list was our beloved Beirut (Beyrouth); And if you agree with the New York Times, having visited several places yourself, contribute and recommend Beirut as well. It appears under Luxury, Foods, and Party categories, and […]

Update: Les Chroniques Beyrouthines is in full motion once more! Courage! It saddens me to inform you that Les Chroniques Beyrouthines has come to a close. After two years of blogging, the fine authors of a vibrant, and active Lebanese blog has come to terms with its circle. Jeudi, la petite goutte de trop est […]

IT’s got a ring to it. It seems to be initially discovered by Jeha (he even posted it on YouTube), then redistributed by Beiruti; and here, I’ll do the same. This Lebanese Rap song, frustrated at Lebanon’s social excitement on politics which almost invariably ends with shooting and looting, lashes out with a rap song […]

Every now and then, I post about emerging Lebanese blogs. Todays post will plain talk my relative and personal views on this blog. As the title ‘Blogging Beirut‘ sounds, seems pretty self-descriptive, but this is not your ordinary conventional Lebanese blog. It seems to be a clump of authors, residing mainly in Lebanon, and unlike the native blogosphere, […]

The Silent Ones


One of my favorite Lebanese blogs have posted a great post on the silenced ones, and I’ll join the blogosphere in spreading our stand.

Today morning, the western hemisphere woke up to the news of West Beyrouth being taken over (we’re all Lebanese anyway), by the opposition. Sayyed Nasrallah’s words still echo in my ear… Our Weapons, are not for internal use… will not be used for internal use … Though, I have to admit, he has been patient; […]

A Khalass! spot Ad. Here’s a mirror of our society. Each one of us is to blame.

Update: The Demonstration has been called off. The chaps at Blogging Beirut are doing a great endeavor at stopping the Lebanese Governments’ crackdown of the only thing keeping Lebanon alive. It’s vibrant nightlife. Blogging Beirut announced a silent demonstration planned for this Saturday in Gemayzeh as follows – Silent Demonstration Planned for Saturday April 12, 2008 Place Gemmayze Street between […]

The frown on my face after reading the decision on banning the franco-iranian Persepolis animation which won the prix du jury ex-aequo at Cannes 2007. Lebanese officials say they’ve banned the movie, which is based on the autobiographical graphic novel by co-director Marjane Satrapi The Beirut Spring and Beirut Beltway were the first to take […]

I have no idea what to make of Norman Finkelsteins’ views, taking into consideration he is Jewish, with your typical New Yorkey accent.

I wouldn’t dream to have the Lebanese army come in with choppers (commando style) evacuating me if I were stuck in Chad, or any worn torn country. Even in Lebanon, the army tries its utmost to protect me. Bless ‘em! Anyways – French troops will evacuate Lebanese expatriates living in the conflict-ridden Chad. Several Lebanese […]

Two cable systems north of Alexandria, Egypt were severed, greatly impacting both Internet and voice traffic to the region. The broken cables are operated by Flag Telecom and SEA-ME-WEA 4, and if past undersea cable cuts are any measure, repair time will be measured in weeks, not days. This is a preliminary report on the […]

St. FuckYou hosts a new blog on Lebanese socio-political life, he’s even funny too! (when he’s not mad). Though St Fakoo’s new on the scene, he’s certainly made his presence on the blogosphere and hence the inner circle strongly encourages his predicament and attitude. As more I read his/her/its’ blog, the more I see the […]

Lebanon has reached a new low of pointing the finger at each others. While the rest of the Lebanese community stares at the remaning (few) followers of political inclinations battle it out on the streets with the incapacity to show intellectual respect; The Winograd report let PM Olmert of Israel off the hook in his […]

Fellow bloggers at the Ouwet Front have run into some controversial trouble. Mark’s post states, he has received an email through a chap, by the direct authority of Dr. Samir Geagea, stating he should shut the Ouwet Front blog, and subscribe to the authority of a mono-centered website which feeds news. The dispute quickly spread […]

Khalass! will be attending the screening of “Khalass” movie by Burhan Alawiyya in Masrah al Madina on Wednesday January 9th, 2008 at 8pm. Join us for what is promised to be an interesting debate and discussion that will follow with the director, Alawiyya. The Khalass! team will not sit aside but will make us of […]


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