The biggest trick ever pulled.


The biggest trick society was able to pull, was to make us feel we Lebanese, are not alike.

Now you know.

I, from my standpoint, state; that the biggest conspiracy of conspiracies in which Lebanese so passionately adore, was the highest bid in foreign nations to somewhat show us, that we, Christians, Druze, Muslims and party goers, are not alike…. which can be easily gullible to such a uniquely blend of religious to comic culture, as ours. We profoundly probably laugh at the way we are, than the way we ought to be, and we know very well that our* sect is a part and parcel of our identity and role in this community.

I challenge anyone, who is from a different sect than a companion he or she knows, and honestly and genuinely ask themselves if you didn’t previously believe that you would have expected them to be different and finally realize we are much closer and alike than we would have thought.

Being labeled as Sunni, Christian, Druze or Shiite is nothing more, than an identity and personal matter.

So we giggle at ourselves. Marcel Ghanem certainly knows this. LBC’s Kalàm el Nas last night was humorous for a good reason, at a good time.


*: relative

6 Responses to “The biggest trick ever pulled.”

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  2. 2 andry

    heheheh – good point

  3. 3 Raymond Azar

    Let’s flush the existing constitioun down the drain and write a new one. What would it look like? Who will be brave enough to accept it? Let’s abolish sectaranism and have one lebanon for one people. Will be this be possible in my lifetime? Let’s use Malayasia as a model. We can do it.

    I hope I can realise this dream within my lifetime. After travelling the world over, I understand now not only what an amazing and unique country we have, but more importantly that our wonder is in the diversity of the people that make up lebanon. Please wake up guys. Let’s make it happen…


  4. 4 Mo

    Keep living in propoganda land Solomon. The state did fail in its obligations; Its obligation of putting its citizens before lining its pocket. Its obligation to defend the country. Its obligation to restore the freedom of Lebanese hostages in Israel (and Syria). So its people stepped in. The people that believe in diginity before dishonour. In holding their heads up high and taking over from the state the people of Lebanon stand tall with the all the people in the world who have stood up to bullies and agressors and those that would impose their agenda on those they deem as weaker. We stand with the people from Cuba in the West to East Timor in the East.

    The politics of the Middle East have changed for good. The only thing that remains is seeing how long the likes of those who espouse the propoganda you so happily believe in will struggle and writhe before their agenda shrivels up and dies.

  5. Of course, Lebanese aren’t like the citizens of other nationalities you have listed. Lebanese want their country to be accorded the privileges of a State, but as last year’s war with Israel and its aftermath have shown they do not accept responsibility for failing to enforce a State’s obligations under international law. I feel that the longer this attitude persists the higher the price Lebanon will ultimately pay.

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