Lebanon Mission for Syria: Selecting & Supporting a Syrian Humanitarian Organization


It is hard as a Lebanese to be indifferent to the situation in Syria.

Our blog has by enlarge been silent on the civil unrest, to our lifetime neighbour, Syria. An unrest in Syria, which is rather familiar among Lebanese whom had to traverse a 10-year demographical upheaval and civil war for us, as Lebanese, to realise how to finally live together, playfully, rejoicing in our differences, and aim to build a country we envy.

Last week, Euronews described that the biggest victims in the Syrian unrest, were children, and often willfully targeting them. This news has pushed me to set out and take advantage of my vacation stay in Lebanon and cross the border into Syria. Along the way we met Kafa Min Ajl Souriya. They’ve described to us the type of support they do in helping children and the campaign launched.

Their purpose is selective and unifying. Helping out Syrian children victim in this conflict in terms of providing housing, food, books and toys. They have also set up a page on facebook for an open and calm discussion among all Syrian intellectuals and citizens.