Live Lebanon – Providing to Lebanese Locals by Expatriates


Live Lebanon, a one-of-its-kind U.N. Development Program project strives to revolve Lebanese expatriates to channel money from abroad to help development projects in Lebanon.

This reminds me of an endeavor the innercircle promoted back in ’09 with Team Lebanon on Kiva.

Fadi Salameh is the Institutional Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP Live Lebanon, representing the Live Lebanon and coordinating with the other ambassadors around the globe, each of whom is responsible for raising funds within their particular community, whether Australia or Brazil, among others.

He spoke to The Daily Star on Monday about his role in the project, and what Live Lebanon means for the country.

Appointed to the role earlier this year, after having returned to Lebanon after a long stint in Dubai, Salameh, until recently the head of the Middle East Communications Network, was attracted to Live Lebanon due to the non-sectarian nature of its work.

Live Lebanon doesn’t belong to one group or another, and in Lebanon this is very, very important,” he says.