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Lebanese Enterpreneur Wissam Abdel Baki created Perk My City to help Lebanese local citizens report, view, or discuss the disorder in the streets of their city (currently only in Beyrouth). Violations such as abandoned vehicles, graffiti, litter, potholes, road blocks, sidewalk defects and any violation considered disgraceful to the city’s image. To report a violation, the Lebanese […]

Like every summer, Beirut is claiming its legacy. CNN sent it’s reporter to ask the questions of what makes Beirut a vibrant city.

To cope with the Lebanese flying into Beyrouth this Christmas, Air France is offering well priced tickets for Lebanese going the other direction: Montréal, New York and Toronto (as well as Boston, and other cities in North America). The offer is listed below to the privileged. Tarifs aller-retour en USD hors taxes et frai de service. […]

Tourists and locals strolling through Nijmeh Square in Beyrouth’s Centre-Ville on Thursday afternoon were intrigued by an astonishing spectacle: a formation of flag-bearers, drummers and trumpeters dressed in medieval costumes performing an elaborate show for half an hour before leaving the square as suddenly as they had appeared. The bystanders had been lucky enough to […]

Franklin Lamb, Beyrouth – In Washington and Beyrouth the response to Lebanon’s legitimization of Hezbollah’s arms was publicly subdued. The US Embassy, for the second year in a row, mistakenly sent Eid al Fitr greetings to Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman, whereas this week’s holiday, which commemorates the annual Hajj Pilgrimage and the 1,400 year old […]

Dom Joly for the Sunday Times explains – Beyrouth (Beirut) may be the number-one place to visit in the whole world, but the rest of the country is now our top tip for a cool holiday. I can remember mist, spooky clouds of swirling mist, lapping around us. We were all perched up high on a […]

D’excellentes nouvelles pour les expatriés libanais dans la belle île de Montréal, Québec et le Canada en génerale. Depuis hier, des vols directs entre Beyrouth et Montréal seront disponibles.  – Great news for Lebanese expats in beautiful & freindly Montréal. As of yesterday, direct flight to and from Beyrouth to Montreal are available. In the words of […]