Non-cooperation and peaceful resistance @ Gemayzeh


Update: The Demonstration has been called off.

The chaps at Blogging Beirut are doing a great endeavor at stopping the Lebanese Governments’ crackdown of the only thing keeping Lebanon alive. It’s vibrant nightlife. Blogging Beirut announced a silent demonstration planned for this Saturday in Gemayzeh as follows –

Silent Demonstration Planned for Saturday April 12, 2008

Gemmayze Street between Ahwit el ‘Zez & Le Rouge

1 AM Sharp

Since 1 AM is the Curfew, the best way to show up in numbers is to do so just as the curfew is being enforced, so everyone exiting a pub can converge onto the area (see above).
To make our point, we will need to be super quiet and civilized.
If we can maintain composure and orderliness in a crowd of a thousand at 1 AM,
then surely the curfew is unnecessary.

Pub hoppers, go-clubbers, diners, business owners, residents,
and just about anyone who’d be in Gemmayze on a Saturday night.
Ladies, you will be playing a critical role in keeping the police at bay.

30 minutes – just enough to get coverage in the newspapers & on TV

Newspapers, TVs, & Radios will be notified.
If none show up, we’ll be equipped with our own Photo & Video cameras.

All pubs, clubs, restaurants, et al will be notified and up-to-date on this event.
I ♥ Gemmayze stickers will be available wherever you’re enjoying you’re drink.