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Adored among Beyrouthi circles, the charismatic french minister of foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner reached Beyrouth on friday, greeted by french diplomats and foreign ministry officials. France, our long historic benefactor have finally come back to greet our freshly assigned president of the republic. Tomorrow, french president Nicolas Sarkozy will head to the palais présidentiel in Baabda, to greet […]

… back to the times of Lebanon before FPM Rafik Hariri’s assassination. If history repeats itself, then, Lebanon had just reduced a “15 year war” in 1975 involving  our beloved Lebanon, then Palestinians entering Lebanon, Syria, then Israel, and at last each other… into a 4 year conflict span since 2005. For the past three years, we have […]

by Linda Heard Today, Lebanon is infused with optimism and hope. Stocks are soaring, the capital’s downtown area is once again open for business after being turned into a tent city for anti-government protesters, and the tourist industry has galvanized in preparation for the summer season. The Lebanese are experts at bouncing back from adversity. It […]

Nice to see him in a suit. President Michel Sleiman spoke of strengthening Lebanon’s constitutional institutions, minimizing incendiary political rhetoric, preserving the rights of diaspora Lebanese and pursuing constructive and balanced relations with Syria. Parliament speaker Nabih Berri on the other hand, sneaked a message in Parliament to the United States, saying:”I thank the United States nonetheless, […]

… and a blessing from here. The Lebanese community in Qatar saluted on Wednesday efforts exerted by Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani and Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani to solve the 18-month-old deadlock in Lebanon.

Before this blog returns to the more artful and nightlife fun side of Lebanon, I just want to get politics out of the way by this step by step guide as to what happens next:

Happy New Year 2008!! Will we re-elect our MPs again in 2009? hah! If I get enough support, I’ll try to push an Anti-Campaign to demean all our elected MPs for blocking what the people that elected them, really want. Today, for the 12th time; the opposition and the majority have failed to agree on […]