The most ‘Effective’ Lebanese in 2008


Almost one year ago today, the InnerCircle launched a voting poll, questioning who you found as the most Effective Lebanese in 2008. The word effective here insinuates* the one whom had the most influence and impact*in your opinion – on the country’s political, economical, sociological and internal affairs. We even gave the option of adding a persons’ name.

To assure some credibility to the voting process, we restricted the votes to one voice per household, as in, restricted by cookie and by IP address.

You voted as the Most Effective Lebanese in 2008 to be

Head of Banque Centrale Riad Salemeh with 31% of the votes; Followed by:
Former PM Foud Seniora:  24%
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: 18%
President Michel Sleiman: 16%
Politician Walid Jumblatt:  5%
Journalist Marcel Ghanem: 3%


3 Responses to “The most ‘Effective’ Lebanese in 2008”

  1. 1 frenchy

    Well cz I was surprised by the results…

  2. Hey Frenchy :)

    True: Ziad Baroud was added manually with 2 votes (mispelled Ziad differently) for the 2008 poll. He’s certainly on this years’ (2009) most efficient Lebanese poll.

    … and Général M. Aoun got one vote, manually inserted by a user.

  3. 3 frenchy

    hmmmm ziad baroud is missing?

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