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Are you aged between 24 and 35? Do you fancy the Stephen Colbert’s persona? Are you a fan of the absurdity of the Onion News Network, or the humour of Family Guy? Got a Beyrouthi accent? Can speak French & English? As long as you’re Lebanese, with the characteristics above, and is genuinely able to […]

I just layed my hands on the most beautiful 9.7 inch object. It’s a little heavy, but the fact of having such large screen to command the iPad with your fingers is an amazing feeling. The device gets a little heavy after holding it straight up a while, I strongly doubt holding the iPad for […]

A venture capitalist thinks it can. One of the founders at the innercircle has tipped us with an intriguing idea of establishing a Media City in Lebanon.  Hervé Cuviliez, an entrepreneur and business angel at Kuv Capital is studying the idea that may well blossom given Lebanon’s unique trend setting influence for the Middle East […]

A l’invitation du Collectif de Citoyens libanais et Amis du Liban, Joseph Bahout livrera son analyse de la situation au Liban. – Comment lire l’éclatement des violences du mois de mai : retour sur le blocage politique, ses composantes internes et externes. – Comment interpréter l’accord de Doha : une approche pragmatique et conjoncturelle, la […]

The new Riviera Beach Club will start taking bookings for the private Bungalow and VIP deck, for the month of July & August, fifty days, and counting. The Riviera Beyrouth Hotel is one of Lebanon’s leading Hotel / Resorts. It is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Beyrouth City, directly facing the […]

Khalass! will be attending the screening of “Khalass” movie by Burhan Alawiyya in Masrah al Madina on Wednesday January 9th, 2008 at 8pm. Join us for what is promised to be an interesting debate and discussion that will follow with the director, Alawiyya. The Khalass! team will not sit aside but will make us of […]

To the al-Hajj family Khalass! (and The Lebanese Inner Circle) mourns the loss of your son, husband, father, brother. To the Lebanese Army Khalass! mourns the loss of a valorous leader. To Lebanon’s politicians Khalass! mourns your dereliction of duty and failure to lead the people of Lebanon.