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Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad al-Hariri handed the president his proposed line-up for a national unity government yesterday, in a move swiftly rejected by opposition groups including the powerful Hezbollah. I do not think that the method employed today takes Lebanon out of the government formation crisis. On the contrary, it further complicates the problem,” said […]

You may have heard of the Angry Arab News Service. Yesterday, Asad Abu Khalil, author of the blog, stated the following: March 8 and their supporters are denying the obvious*: that Gen. Aoun has lost support among Christians since 2005. I saw one survey in Metn* which indicated that Aoun support among Maronites stands at no more […]

An independent firm, the International Crisis Group (ICG) published yesterday an in depth and balanced report on the current situation on the Christians in Lebanon. It’s a good read. Not your usual know it information. It had many information and historical background on each of the major Christian movements as they re-emerged in 2005, and […]

This is it. The official results are out. The Metn by-elections has been grabbed by the FPM‘s Camille Khoury, as all of Sundays nightfall gave confusions since both parties claimed victory. The many Lebanese websites, including the Lebanese Forces as well as Tayyar‘s portal gave constant poll counts as the information came in. Somehow, there […]