You are the Victim!


The year, 2005.

Remember 2005?
That’s about two years. Is anyone aware of the last two years?

From Rafiq al-Hariris’ broad daylight assassination, to
Aoun and Geagea back into the political scene,
An official Syrian military withdrawal,
The declared and open murder of several political figures,
Hezbollah ignites and responds to a full pledged war with Israel, An out-of-nowhere war between Fatah Al-Islam in a till-the-last man with our Lebanese national army,
kidnappings, demonstrations, over and over… We passed through a lot, and each one has its own story.

Lets go back to 2005, February…14. Later that summer, Lebanon was on the rise, collectively in selective fields, despite the tragic event of the murder of FPM R. Hariri and B. Flaihan; the tourism sector was on the move.

In 2006, Beyrouth was named by NY based Travel Magazine as the 9th best city to visit. For three consecutive years, Lebanon broke its own touristic threshold record.

We were a threat… . we are a threat.

We have proven ourselves to be a successful nation (in many ways, thanks to some obstacles), if given the chance, and made fairer rules – Without External Interference masked as Internal affairs, we are able to achieve much more – But unfortunately I feel, that it starts with me, and you.

Of course, there are many other sectors the Lebanese excel in (especially in the Arab world). In any case, after the summer of 2005, The Lebanese government was to pay a satisfying portion of our debt, which was an adamant sign of progress.

During these years, we always blamed Syria, or Israel. No Lebanese preferred Iran, Israel, the US, or Syria, over his compatriot Lebanese, that, will stay side by side with him for centuries to come. While the Israeli, Syrian, American, Iranians, will go back to their compounds, and own national interests.

Lets not be the ridicule of the Middle East. We are the most intellectual, educated and cultured people among the region; Yes I will say it bluntly! That includes Israel and Iran!

We are Lebanese, and if that doesn’t make you proud, either you are embarrassed by the image of the west on your behalf, or the fact you know half the story.

We have great leaders, from throughout the political spectrum, from Sayyed Nasrallah, a wise warrior and scholar, that will come rarely and put in his seat at such a young relative age, as well as the great builder, renovator and visionary Rafik el-Hariri.

Achievements by these, sheds a certain light which will be undeniable by history. Lebanese Christians, might still be looking for their national representative hero. Maybe times of these, Lebanese Christians would have not left their mark on history. And I assure you, the potential is very much there. Lets hope the presidency declares new names. New initiatives, modern and intellectual ideals.

Until Bashir Gemayel’s status is overlooked, he will remain the Christians political hero; Beware though, keeping him with such stature will keep Christians, living in the past; and that is not a Lebanese Christian trait.

If anyone has any lessons to teach the Lebanese in all, it is the Christians. Christians fought each other, and literally jeopardized Lebanon (1976) for the sake of a grandeur objective (Palestinian problem back then). Even though the intention may have been good (from either Lebanese sides); We have a lesson to teach Sunnis and Shiites (if they do not already know so). We fought a war, and damaged our country, we have the most lessons to give, though I preach that with humility rather than of humbleness.

For the sake of the ‘benefit of the doubt’…

Lets not switch the blame from either Syria or Israel, to a Lebanese Sectarian Divide.