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Lebanese Expatriates voting from their residential country. – An issue this blog has been keen on seeing adopted in a full manner, as any and every self respecting democracy in the world currently enjoys. This may also prevent rumours that some political parties paid for travelling tickets to get extra votes in their favour in 2009. […]

It is our sincere hope that the next government will continue along the path towards building a sovereign, independent and stable Lebanon,” Obama said in a statement.  “Government of the people and by the people sets a single standard for all who hold power: you must maintain your power through consent, not coercion.” “The high […]

The Lebanese Association of Democratic Elections (LADE) had the following violation of interest in their report published yesterday: 8. The following television stations were observed: TL, NBN, NTV, MTV, Future News, LBCI, Manar, ANB During LADE’s observation of the audiovisual media outlets, the following results emerged: Preliminarily claiming victory for one group. Bias of reporters […]

In 24 hours, the dust settled from 4 years of blah. The Lebanese people today have spoken, and it is up to our elected politicians to deal their matters in trust we have in them, for us to mind our own businesses, as summer09 is looking more like a breeze of peaceful outings.

This is the first time I listen to Hariri Jr. for more than ten minutes. For a period of three hours, I was introduced through Marcel Ghanem to this young, and ambitious Lebanese patriot in trust and conscience. If you ask me, it’s definitely a change of heart towards this man. A patriotic, nationalistic and courageous young […]

Ideology… takes decades to refine. Forgive my bluntness, as a bias observer only to the Christian seats in the Metn Area, more precisely one seat, actually it’s the difference in number of votes. I really don’t care what the other goons are doing, they’re lowering the standard of what to expect. Also, I have stated my predictions […]

I swear to you – I am striving on keeping an objective point of view in these elections, as I have done in the past three years, and we have a whole written blog on each post that you are free to search and browse to testify my case . I’m looking at the Elections in Lebanon […]