Lebanese Blogosphere: In Danger


Fellow bloggers at the Ouwet Front have run into some controversial trouble.

Mark’s post states, he has received an email through a chap, by the direct authority of Dr. Samir Geagea, stating he should shut the Ouwet Front blog, and subscribe to the authority of a mono-centered website which feeds news.

The dispute quickly spread into the Lebanese blogosphere once the post came out.

While many operators try to subscribe to a 4 digit number in order to receive constant, updated ‘political’ news to their mobiles, gives validity to one authority; and you have to pay for it, giving that one authority, value.

Now, while Mark, knows very well the implications of the internet on the future of our information feeds, replies with a chain of emails defending his stance in giving his opinion.

I admit, if I feel lenient to any ideology and tend to be politically inclined to a person, movement, party, sect; I would still reserve personal opinions and thoughts. This would create the elexir of inovation. We need groups, so as to be able to know who’s out of it. To every In group, there is an out group. Thats why the Lebanese Inner Circle, needs its outter circle.

Society needs trend setters, and followers. In groups and out groups, one idea and the other, So each one would know what they would mean! We need contrast to know what are the extremities. Taoists certainly know this.

I would only wish we give true value to those who root for a constructive, educational and enlightened era.


One Response to “Lebanese Blogosphere: In Danger”

  1. I represent the Ouwet Blog and i can tell you that what this blog represents and is so hard for some LFers and most of the Lebanese in general is the fact that our leaders should be serving us and not the other way around .. they represent us because we vote for them .. and we have the right to critisize them for their mistakes ..

    We will never have a prosperous and democratic Lebanon if the political parties are not democratic .. and Mark’s post is a proof of how democratic parties are these days ..

    Anyway, this exchange of mails just gave us an extra reason to keep this blog going ..

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