Khalas! – Movie screening, Beyrouth


Khalass! will be attending the screening of “Khalass” movie by Burhan Alawiyya in Masrah al Madina on Wednesday January 9th, 2008 at 8pm. Join us for what is promised to be an interesting debate and discussion that will follow with the director, Alawiyya.

The Khalass! team will not sit aside but will make us of every opportunity to support every segment of the Lebanese society that is saying enough to the unbearable circumstances we have reached. The political deadlock is continuing to plague our lives. Let us model the dialogue that we are calling for by attending the movie and the discussion that will follow!

The Movie – “Beirut is undergoing renewal and reconstruction. Ahmad, Robby and Abir survived the war, but what will they do with the flame of life still burning within them? Borhane Alawiyya makes a resounding comeback in this drama about homeland and the citizen.”

– The Khalas! team

Language: Arabic dialogue with English subtitles. et les francophone?


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