Civil society, Students & Casual By-Passers finally take to the streets of Beyrouth, calling for peace


Civil society activists, students and Lebanese youths staged a “white march” taking to the streets of Beyrouth, starting from Places des Martyrs and reaching Achrafieh’s Sassine Square. The movement “denounced all violence in the country and honors all those who were killed and wounded due to

futile political bickering in the country over a span of 30 years” according to activists.

Protesters wore white shirts, and hoisted placards against the current political status quo.

We are wearing white to mourn all the deaths who have gone in vain due to futile violence whether in Achrafieh, Tripoli or elsewhere,” one of the protesters said.

The White March says no to both March 8 and 14 blocs, and stresses that political malfunction is the root cause of all the problems mounting in the country all the while calling for an alternative.

Although shy numbers showed at first, the movement drew larger crowds the closer it got to Achrafieh. Demonstrators in white lit candles, praying for the souls lost and for a better future