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There is no denying, Donald Trump is a very strong Candidate to become the next U.S. President. Trump has placed Walid Phares, a long time guest on Lebanese political shows, as his consultant on Foreign Policy. Republican U.S. Representative for California’s 49th congressional district, Darrell Issa, has also endorsed Donald Trump. Recently, at the Republican National Convention, Thomas Barrack, spoke about his […]

Freakonomics recently has a discussion with Stephen Dubner had on an airplane. He was on his way to South Africa when fellow passenger Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Antifragile, told him something remarkable: “If you look at ten or twenty or thirty of the richest countries around the world, among the richest people in those countries is […]

The Economist summarizes that “business people from Lebanon fare better abroad than at home.” Link to the full article.

The new 2012 list of the Worlds most powerful Arabs reveals 85 names that originate from Lebanon, with Saudi Arabia contributing 67 and Egypt and the UAE 58 names each. Many US based Arabs are originally Lebanese, according to the magazine. Click here for the new List. What we have published today is the most comprehensive guide of […]

After reading and getting acquainted with this blog & myTV, I felt compelled to propegate messages from Lebanese in Lebanon to their relatives and expatriates. You can watch the full series: Messages from Lebanon.

Probably the single most sensitive topic to touch this circle is the potential and natural right for Lebanese expatriates to vote for Parliamentary elections from their residing country. In order to do so, all Lebanese Citizens living outside Lebanon, must (it’s a national duty to vote) Register at their embassies in order to vote for the […]

Après avoir écrit une petite introduction sur le candidat français à la présidentielle François Bayrou, je tiens à publier un avis d’un autre Français d’origine libanaise sur la raison pour laquelle Nicolas Sarkozy devrait être le meilleur candidat de la France, et son véritable amour pour le Liban. La France est l’amie et l’alliée traditionnelle du Liban, elle a toujours protégé l’indépendance et l’existence même de ce pays, elle lui a fait don […]