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BeicipFranlab, a French petroleum consulting firm,  signed an agreement with caretaker Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil Thursday. The firm is set to prepare a tender in the coming months that would allow companies bid for the right to explore oil and gas off the Lebanese coast. The agreement should set the stage for the eventual state-led […]

The recent discoveries of massive gas fields off the coast of northern Israel, tantalizingly close to Lebanese coastal waters, has stirred cash-strapped Lebanon to accelerate efforts to begin its own oil and gas exploration. But the prospect of previously undiscovered fossil fuel riches off the coasts of Lebanon and Israel risks becoming a new source of conflict as well as an […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have a crisis on his hands before he visits Washington on Tuesday: Turkey, long one of Israel’s closest allies in the Muslim world, has said it will cut ties with the Jewish state unless it apologizes for the May 31 flotilla raid that killed nine Turkish activists. Turkey will […]

The heartbreaking news coming out of Cyprus as the Pope visits this divided European Island, Al Jazeera English sheds light on this community that is in danger of being extinct.

Lors d’un point presse ce mardi, le porte-parole du ministère français des Affaires étrangères a indiqué à propos du prochain sommet de l’UPM prévu en juin à Barcelone que « Les pays membres de l’UPM ont toute latitude pour déterminer la composition de la délégation qui les représentera au sommet de Barcelone. » Il répondait […]

Lebanon and Israel have long battled over which country can truly claim ownership of the delightful Hummus dish, and this weekend, Lebanon scored not one, but two decisive victories. Not to mention the historic and world-over-recognized traditional  Lebanese Hummus. The first was on Saturday, where some 300 chefs in Fanar made a 10-ton vat of […]