BloggingBeirut – A personal critique


Every now and then, I post about emerging Lebanese blogs.

Todays post will plain talk my relative and personal views on this blog. As the title ‘Blogging Beirut‘ sounds, seems pretty self-descriptive, but this is not your ordinary conventional Lebanese blog. It seems to be a clump of authors, residing mainly in Lebanon, and unlike the native blogosphere, this one does not enter into the chaos soap opera of Lebanese politics.

Describing the social, nightlifeartistic and obscure side of Beyrouth, Fink Ployd does a swell job in entertaining his readers, and myself.

I’m not sure whats his direct relation to the club scene, but rest assured he’s well sourced on events.


2 Responses to “BloggingBeirut – A personal critique”

  1. Bagnall explains why papyrus manuscripts have routinely been dated too early, how the role of Christians in the history of the codex has been misrepresented, and how the place of books in ancient society has been misunderstood. ,

  2. thanks for the review – i am humbled by your kind words :)

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