Giving Palestinian refugees the right to own Lebanese property


Parliament had met on Tuesday to debate a proposal presented by Democratic Gathering MPs Walid Jumblatt, Elie Aoun and Alaaeddine Terro that sought to ease labor, social security and property laws not granted to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Christian parties, collectively, feared “rushing” the amendments through would lead to the naturalization of Palestinians.

I was surprised to see no posts or comments from the Lebanese blogosphere on the latest bid by Jumblatt.

The proposal was to grant Palestinian Refugees the following:

  • To work in a profession,
  • Benefit from social security,
  • and, the most controversial, owning property in Lebanon

Rights which have not been granted to Palestinian Refugees anywhere else in the Arab World.

Al Jazeera English, gave false news that the Lebanese parliament has actually granted the Palestinians these increased rights. A false claim which raised an eyebrow, and wondering on how they managed to get such information.

Lebanon has accommodated around 400,000 Palestinian refugees as guests since they were forced to flee Palestine in 1948.

While granting such rights to Palestinians, would only benefit Israel in the end, something which seems not to have been a topic of argument, even among those most harsh to any Israeli benefit in Lebanon.

Some would say, Jumblatt intentionally made Palestinians refugees in Lebanon infuriated towards Lebanese Christians.

Others would argue, that no additional rights to Palestinians should be granted unless they hand in their weapons that are primarily threatning Lebanese, and hardly Israel.

We should hear about this topic again, one month from now.