Hezbollah Takes Over West Beyrouth


Hezbollah takes over West Beyrouth BeirutToday morning, the western hemisphere woke up to the news of West Beyrouth being taken over (we’re all Lebanese anyway), by the opposition.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s words still echo in my ear…

Our Weapons, are not for internal use… will not be used for internal use

… Though, I have to admit, he has been patient; till they finally ignited him into showing his claws.

In Dbayyeh on the other hand, people are living it up. No one dares to show any signs of political lenience. In the hope all this will settle this weekend.

I think the struggle between the government and the opposition has come to an end. A tipping point towards the opposition; and frankly, I feel the government pushed Hezbollah to take this stance. Seniora will have a lot to say to G. W. Bush next week in Egypt.

All eyes are on Beyrouth.