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Here are what some bloggers are writing about StopLira: English: Brian, Lilianne, Najib, Khodr, Joseph, Mustapha Arabic: Imad,  Tony French: Hala

We’ve added a new Technology section on the Inner Circle School of Thought. The reason, was the result of a historical review of the Story of the Internet from the Silicon Valley technologists and investors own words. This is a 4 part documentary, 45-minutes each. enjoy. Click here to watch it now.

Are you aged between 24 and 35? Do you fancy the Stephen Colbert’s persona? Are you a fan of the absurdity of the Onion News Network, or the humour of Family Guy? Got a Beyrouthi accent? Can speak French & English? As long as you’re Lebanese, with the characteristics above, and is genuinely able to […]

A group of people talking about the Coexistence in Tyr. To view more Al Nahar TV, subscribe to their YouTube page. Song: Ysa3ed Y3een – Ziad el Rahbani

Al Jazeera English has just published a long awaited documentary entitled the “Family Business”, describing the historical, deeply rooted, Lebanese family of the Gemayels. This four part documentary starts with the one below. part two    |    part three    |    part four

Nothing inspires me to put this among this circle than a deep conviction of a well worth viral.