STL – They ‘blamed it’ on 4 Lebanese affiliated with Hezbollah


It came sous forme of an RSS feed, the title: “STL Indicts 4 Hezbollah Members, Seeks Arrests“.

…then I whispered to myself: “they better have rock f****ing solid proof to make that claim“, for everybody that follows, knew that they were going to ‘blame it’ on a Lebanese group. Whats worse, that group of Lebanese, all belong to the one and same sect, and yet all those that were assassinated are from everything but from that sect.

Half hour later, calls started pouring in, even for an 8:00 am ET morning,  with much doubt, fear, joy, worry and questions from freinds and observers. Some wondered if traveling to Lebanon for the vacations this summer is still viable.

The biggest question that kept rising: “How can the U.N., supposedly a reputable world organization, not notice that the Lebanese population who have become acquainted with Hezbollah, it’s path and resistance it has taken since 1982 against Israel, to go out of their way (which has always been towards Israel) and execute the assignation against the ex-prime minister of Lebanon?”. Many argued Syria or Israel, the U.S. or Iran would have benefitted more.

Sayyed Nasrallah got the point when many foreign medias ‘leaked’ information about the tribunal investigation and publicly blamed Hezbollah during the past two years. Der Spiegel was the first with the most odd reactions, being pulled out of shock. Many suggested they don’t understand Hezbollah, or maybe needed to understand more Arabic in order to listen or read Hezbollah statements, an innocent mistake or misunderstanding.

Don’t expect republishes of such posts. But at the least, I would expect Rock Solid, Unquestionable evidence against these members, an investigation far more deep and inquisitive than the one Sayyed Nasrallah gave in 2010 showing evidence that Israel may have has a hand in the killing of former prime minister Rafiq Hariri.

Today it has become a question of rigorous and inquisitive debate on finding the truth. The Lebanese people have paid up to their teeth in funding the tribunal through our government, and the people request rock solid, unquestionable proof.

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5 Responses to “STL – They ‘blamed it’ on 4 Lebanese affiliated with Hezbollah”

  1. Hi, every time i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the morning,
    since i enjoy to learn more and more.

  2. 2 Wael

    @Marwan… all the tribunals over the world r being delayed 15-30 min.. not only this tribunal.. They check everything said be4 they air it… coz there is something ( for security reasons) which can harm their work… it’s something normal…
    Then I don;t care about what the tribunal is named… what I care about is the truth… and look at all the international tribunal through history and u’ll know what I mean… w I am not in z mood to continue this reply… sorry

  3. 3 Marwan

    @Wael – Very true about the tribunal will proceed on TV, where the defendants debate among each other.

    In fact the Tribunal will be semi-live, there will be a delay of 15 – 30 minutes. Why? no idea… but international judges will take everything into account. This is no International Tribunal, it’s the Special Tribunal “for” Lebanon… (“pour” le liban).

    I agree with @Jester’s post that it is a shame Lebanese names are involved, I do not thing the Lebanese are all to ready to blame their compatriotes before having valid and unquestionable proof.

  4. 4 Wael

    Bro, let them proove their innocence in this tribunal… it’s an UN tribunal… not a syrian tribunal.. it means it’s so transparent.. everything will be aired on TVs, and they have many lawyers for defense… u said Nasrallah has evidences about Israel… ok, I watched him, and none of this evidences are serious, however, I urge Nasrallah to send them to tribunal and like that they will try to help their “blamed” members… Tribunal asked him many times through Mirza to give his evidences, but he didn’t reply… It means it’s only propaganda.

    we can’t always deny Justice… if u’r innocent … go and proove that.. otherwise… u will be punished…
    u’r talking about money that government paid?! what about the money that z government pays after every bomb?! then… r u talking about money when there r more than 100 lebaneses killed (political leaders, journalists, and civilians) ?! what if ur dad, mum, bro, sis or any of ur friends was passing by and dead(b3id l sharr).. would u say the same?!

    We went through a lot since 30 years… and it’s time to stop using killing as the best weapon to “shut-up” other voices and opinions… We’re in a democratic system…

  5. 5 Robert

    Bro, Syria and Hezbollah had a lot to gain for killing Hariri. Look at them today vs. 2005!
    Hariri wanted Lebanon out of the Syrian-Iranian milieu and they killed him for it.

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