Booklet explains the unity of diversity


A wise man once said that the Universe is made up of the unity of its diversity; because you wouldn’t know one, without the other.

The news hit the Daily Stars third page and not at all on other media outlets.

The gathering of private educational institutes set up to make a booklet freely distributed to all schools willing to provide its students with a bit of tolerance towards Lebanese diversity.

Father Marwan Tabet explains that the free booklet would contain each of the 18 Lebanese sects’ religious celebrations and holidays. The free booklets are distributed to willing schools.

“Christian holidays would be read about in Islamic schools through a Christian perspective, while Islamic holidays would be read about in Christian Schools through an Islamic perspective” – Father M. Tabet

This blogger encourages such moves and points out that society needs to emphasize on our unique identity which makes us Lebanese first, as a nation, and our specific sect second, as a respected and personal matter according to each ones belief.