Upbeat News: Rita Dagher once more on the spotlight


Francophone Libanais a CannesLebanese associate producer Rita Dagher, known for associate producer of  Micheal Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” , defends à Cannes her new project “Move On”, as well as “Terror’s Advocate” de Barbet Schroeder up for nominee in the selection “Un Certain Regard”.

Though Rita Dagher is francophone, she has excelled more in U.S. markets than in francophone countries.

Earlier today on Al Jazeeras’ daily headline news; Complained that no Arab was highlighted at Cannes this year, interrogating North African Arab nations, all the while ignoring the fact that Rita Dagher who did make Cannes observers, is a proud Lebanese.

An interesting follow up to know more about Rita Dagher interviewed at France 24.

N.B. Inner Circle members have also pointed out that two Lebanese filmmakers Nadine Labaki and Danielle Arbid have also been selected for the Directors’ Fortnight section of the venerable Cannes Film Festival.

One Response to “Upbeat News: Rita Dagher once more on the spotlight”

  1. 1 Roland

    hey just wanted to say .. Rita Dagher wasnt the only lebanese producer at CAnnes this year.. There was also Nadine Labaki and another Guy (I dont remember his name).. A lot of lebanese showed “court metrage”. There was even a kind of lebanese movies day at Cannes.
    Take care

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