Lebanese Blogs actively increasing the cloud


Lebanese_BlogsEvery now and then, the Innercircle posts about the expanding Lebanese blogosphere.

Today, we’d like to introduce the suitely inclined Armigatus to the Innercircle. Even though we have much in common, the activism of Armigatus is much appreciated among this circle. While Armigatus refrains from entering chaotic Lebanese politics (and rightly so), his focus is mainly on spreading the improvement of Lebanese social and environmental affairs. Major Lebanese events such as the Francophone games, and the sorts are also published, and hence we’d like to encourage and promote such activities, and thank them on their endeavor.

Another Lebanese blog we’re promoting is Beirut Drive-by Shooting, and I’d like to start by saying – It’s about time!!
This blog is mostly a photo-blog of Lebanese billboards hailing us on a daily basis; From companies, political groups, finneniine, and the likes pushing their ideas in the streets, all the while ignoring and covering the beautiful Lebanese background scenery, we once adored.

While many cities have beautification and restoration committees, Beyrouth counts on the creativity of advertisers to add a bit of color and at least temporarily add beauty to crumbling buildings. Here are some of what Lebanese are subjected to on a daily basis. Enjoy or suffer along with us.


2 Responses to “Lebanese Blogs actively increasing the cloud”

  1. I already check Armigatus, but thanks for the tip on the Beirut Dirve-by Shooting blog…

  1. 1 Armigatus

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