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Civil society activists, students and Lebanese youths staged a “white march” taking to the streets of Beyrouth, starting from Places des Martyrs and reaching Achrafieh’s Sassine Square. The movement “denounced all violence in the country and honors all those who were killed and wounded due to futile political bickering in the country over a span […]

A powerful bomb killed one of Iran’s leading nuclear scientists as he left for work on Tuesday, a murder for which the Iranian government immediately blamed Israel and the West. Massoud Ali-Mohammed,  taught at the University of Tehran and was a prominent supporter of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the opposition leader. Last month, Iran’s top diplomat […]

Citant des chiffres publiés par les Autorités du port de Beyrouth, le Lebanon This Week de la Banque Byblos indique que les revenus du port ont totalisé 135 millions de dollars pour les dix premiers mois de l’année 2009, soit une hausse de 26,1% par rapport à la même période l’an passé. L’activité de frêt […]

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This is a design expression which I’ve spotted that needs redistributing. As the title implies, this was designed by Patrick Semaan. It beats having a Kalashnikov on your flag. I feel the concept behind this design reminds me a lot of Saatchi & Saatchi’s campaign of “I ♥ Live”. The subheading in red says:”The Islamic […]

En périphérie des jeux sportifs, aujourd’hui de nombreuses activités culturelles débutent aux Villages des Partenaires et Francophone. La semaine s’ouvre sur des expressions différentes telles que le « Contes d’orient et chant choral » au village francophone à partir d’hier à 20h30. La danse, la capoeira brésilienne du groupe Filhos de Bimba Escola et la musique […]


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