A new blogger on the block – A unique one too


St. FuckYou hosts a new blog on Lebanese socio-political life, he’s even funny too! (when he’s not mad). Though St Fakoo’s new on the scene, he’s certainly made his presence on the blogosphere and hence the inner circle strongly encourages his predicament and attitude.

As more I read his/her/its’ blog, the more I see the similarities Lebanese people are getting into. I see more and more the immunity of Lebanese citizens from politicians; And the lesser of influence politicians are able to have on their followers.The Beirut Spring has undeniably changed his tone towards political idealism since I’ve been RSSing his feed.

The Ouwet Front, has taken a huge leap in taking his own opinion and position (with regards to the Lebanese Forces party) as an independent observer, regardless of the threats he has received from the party he supports.

The Blacksmiths (with all reverence and respect) are still staunch March 14 supporters, or simply and purely March 8 haters, and just that. Hopefully this one sided attitude starts to dim down, and realize even Hezbollah are Lebanese – as this blogs’ ethics knows it to be – that you can’t have one identity with the other.

Also, our beloved Franco-Lebanese blog of the French Eagle still stands tall with personalized views of the political scene and has a well founding background in Lebanese political history.

And for the many other blogs, and many, moreFrom Beirut to the Beltway, stands out as probably the most visited and active Lebanese blog – AK is a controversial chap with lots of contention among his readers leads to a very interesting blog.

..and for those interested in how the Lebanese blogosphere started read this article.

p.s. I just noticed another new blog, starting out as pro-opposition – which makes it useless for a blog, since all his/her ideas are pre-meditated.


3 Responses to “A new blogger on the block – A unique one too”

  1. Jester: Apparently you’ve completely misunderstood the messages emanating from the Blacksmiths of Lebanon blog. At no point did we ever support any single politician, nor do we hate any segment of the Lebanese population.

    There are people who in our view are working for a complete dismemberment of the Lebanese state as we know it, and as they themselves already claim [with their stances against the Taef and against the Army], and there are people who want to see a secular Lebanon come into being through the full implementation of the Taef – something we support.

    Your ignorant view of the message emanating from our blog is sad to see. Look a little deeper than simple slogans and examine real positions before automatically labeling an idea or a position. March 14th politicians are not angels or saints and at Blacksmiths of Lebanon we realize that, but before highlighting the errors they have made in public office we will continue to highlight the imminent dangers to our country as embodied by Syria’s use of Lebanese allies to promulgate instability in the country and Iran’s use of a paramilitary unit (with Lebanese agents) it founded and continues to fund, arm, and direct.

  2. You forgot the latest addition to the Lebanese blogosphere. :)

  3. It is somehow with a sort of nostalgy that I was reading the article you stated in the end of the post.
    The picture is one of those Lebanese Bloggers authors that is unfortunatly no more actif (http://lebanesebloggers.blogspot.com/)
    It was a true place for exchanging ideas and it was smelling the revolution that we unfortunatly failed.
    Many ideas there, if applied would have been changing lebanon for the best.

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