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Having an established and long known vibrant night life (since the 50s). Beyrouth is quickly becoming a center stage of a unique nightlife today. Canadian-born Comedian Peter Russel headed to Lebanon’s clubs & shares his story. Funny or Not, the word got out!

A smoking ban in public places is expected to take effect within a year, George Saadeh, head of the National Tobacco Control Program announced at a debate on tobacco control held at American University Beirut (AUB) Tuesday. “There is at present a bitter political discussion raging about when the ban should become law,” Saadeh said. […]

IN AN INDUSTRY dominated by kings of the turntables, along came Beyrouth’s queen. The title DJ wouldn’t do for Laila Sarkis, so the era of the DJette was born. This small town village girl is paving a path of tricked out beats and electro funk across the globe, leaving no club unturned. Her uninhibited artistry […]

The New York Times set out to find the top 44 places to visit in 2009. The first on the list was our beloved Beirut (Beyrouth); And if you agree with the New York Times, having visited several places yourself, contribute and recommend Beirut as well. It appears under Luxury, Foods, and Party categories, and […]

After the great success of last year’s “Lebanese Night” at Club Moomba, Lebanus is pleased to invite you and your friends to the biggest Lebanese party ever at Opera Club in Downtown Montreal. Come and experience the great Lebanese atmosphere, the elegant crowd and the unique setting at Opera Club on Friday, Nov.14, 08. We […]

Government & Politics The economy is flourishing, we have a president after 18 months of stalemate, we just got a cabinet in parliamwent, and the government is able to do its job now, so it can leave us, the people, alone. Tourism As this blog always mentioned, we were always fine, it was the politicians […]