What do you mean?…: “You People!”


It is elementary knowledge to realize, that our sole distinction as a people living in Lebanon, characterized by labels of sects, and canned like virtual boxes to make us really believe we are finally and socially, Not One.

For those who are new to the Lebanese innercircle, Lebanon is a country situated in the middle of the World map (where Europe is at its center), and slightly to the east, hence – the middle east; To the French and Europeans… it is often referred to as the ‘Proche Orient‘, relative from any specific standpoint. Lebanon finds itself in the context of the Levant; covered to the east, by Syria, trimmed to the south by Israel, and facing the west, the Mediterranean sea. We Lebanese, our people, generations, genealogy and roots since millenniums that crossed and settled our adorable scenery, find ourselves as a people bounded by the close interbreeding of families that have succumbed history and continue to play on earth.

   We are different…

   We Lebanese… are different – different from our surrounding countries, and live today different from the other nations around us. ‘others’, though to use a fanatic point of view that we ‘Need‘ the ‘others’ which ever country it may be, is because of them, we know who we are!

How do I know what makes me special? … is by having someone who is not. Whats the big fuss of being Shiite, Maronite, Sunni, Orthodox, Durze, Catholic, Syriac, Alawite… Protestant.. Jewish, etc; if it wasn’t for the other 17 sects. (18 in all)

A unique case of manque de supériorité, par excellence.

You see, you need the other, to know what your properties are. What should or more appropriately, ought to believe in is what makes Religion in Lebanon what makes your group relevant.

In Belgium they’re choice of distinction is Language (between the French and Flemish – dutch); In Canada, regardless of its prideful diversity, you have the French and English Canadians that like to differentiate ideals. In America, needless to say, the Black, Hispanic, WASPs, etc; In India (prior to Pakistan) there was Muslim and Hindus. In Ireland, the Catholics and Protestants.

You see, all communities need diversity, so they would know what each group is. [more on that later]

  I’m not here to change people, nor to “save the world”.

I have no power, for as much as the extent of my keyboard reaches. I am a sole citizen, biologically complex in all my forms, and dazzled by the fact that, we, as a people, took on the game of ‘oneupmanship’, as how bees have their rules, so do ants and other cultures play their environment. On February 14, 2005; our everyday lives had a much lower ratio of danger and daily problems than any good day we live today.

Back then, there was an obvious boom… a blast in the sense of how we previously understood it, a heck of a party. Businesses were on a roll, tourism was flowing, we noticed green numbered cars as an incentive… ‘siyyarat ghoder’… Touriste! Fata7 a new place here, and a little later, there… new pub, Haifa was a casual topic of discussion, to make our lives more social… back then our problems with the government was to why they keep reinstalling the cables on road constructions. ‘Back then’, when problems then, didn’t involve a roadside bomb, a hostage take, a war inside our country, a full pledged ‘war’ and our politicians fearing for their lives with documented threats executed. So… yeah… 3 years have changed… but the nostalgia of those days ought to still be fresh.

I encourage you to remember those days, because if we’re heading somewhere…

we ought to think further from the past, though in that direction, From this point On.

The Change starts with us… Not our governments that keeps reshufling.

I am the change, and so are you.

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