Perk My City – Report Beyrouth Streets Problems


Lebanese Enterpreneur Wissam Abdel Baki created Perk My City to help Lebanese local citizens report, view, or discuss the disorder in the streets of their city (currently only in Beyrouth).

Violations such as abandoned vehicles, graffiti, litter, potholes, road blocks, sidewalk defects and any violation considered disgraceful to the city’s image.

To report a violation, the Lebanese local only needs to visit the website, describe the violation, locate it on the map and post a photo of it.

The website intends to reach each and every authority in Lebanon, whether it is the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Interior, Municipalities and Private Associations.

Currently, the problems will be reported to the authorities by email (where possible), Twitter (if registered), and Facebook . The authorities are granted access to view, acknowledge and later resolve the problem the way they normally would.

Wissam stresses that his projects will be covering not only Beyrouth, but other regions to come.