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The Orthodox Gathering rejected the marginalization of the Christian Orthodox sect in Lebanon, Tuesday, pledging to work on restoring its role. Former MP Salim Habib, the Gathering’s secretary-general, said that the group’s action plan was to restore “what was stolen and what we allowed to be stolen from us.” Speaking during an expanded meeting for […]

Al Jazeera will unleash in the next 4 days, the largest-ever leak of confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, to the U.N.’s investigation in Lebanon’s Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, leaking documents has become fashionable. In the hope, that some seriousness is taken by the mass to act upon. Wikileaks confirmed […]

As Sudan awaits the final results of the elections to be announced, Al Jazeera visited a neglected but an important section of the country’s voters, the Sudanese Copts. Sudan’s Copts are a minority but they are known in Sudan for their good business sense. A lot of the businesses in Sudan are owned by Copts. […]

Al Jazeera English, one of the most respected 24-hour English-language news and current affairs TV channel, released a documentary on Lebanon’s absence of a common recent-history book, and the social clash of identity among Lebanese. Why do some label Lebanese, as Arabs? What is the meaning of being Arab? What Arabs share in common? What do they agree […]

I stayed up till 3 am to listen to Obama’s speech on Al Jazeera English. I doubted he would mention Lebanon, as the country is traversing Parliamentary Elections. U.S. President Barak Hussein Obama addressed the whole Muslim world from Cairo. My jaw dropped while chewing, as the U.S. president mentioned the Maronites in Lebanon, the […]

Ideology… takes decades to refine. Forgive my bluntness, as a bias observer only to the Christian seats in the Metn Area, more precisely one seat, actually it’s the difference in number of votes. I really don’t care what the other goons are doing, they’re lowering the standard of what to expect. Also, I have stated my predictions […]

One of the fools here at the Innercircle (speaking on their behalf) have been following the Lebanese elections closely; “Though, I am forbidden to vote, I nagged at the embassy by a phone call, because the Lebanese Government, has delayed letting Lebanese residing abroad to vote, in order to pitch in our ideals for a Lebanon as a beacon. […]