Kalam Ennas goes Mobile & How to watch it from North America


If you follow Lebanese politics, Social & Cultural news concerning Lebanon and the region, surely you watch Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam El Nass Thursday nights (Beyrouth time).

It should please you to know that Kalam Ennas has released an iPhone app recently, and I must admit, it’s pretty hefty and decent.

The user interface strongly encourages Social interactions (through Facebook & Twitter) almost at every interval as you navigate your way through the app.

If you read Arabic, a News tab is courteously centered flipping between an ‘official’ stream and twitter. Not sure why twitter isn’t official enough?
Though they need to verify their account (not mention the President of Lebanon @SleimanMichel, Prime Minister @Najib_Mikati, Speaker of Parliament @nabihberi, Minister of Interior @MMCharbelFormer PM @HaririSaad all need to verify their accounts).

The App lets you watch all recorded interviews & shows (if you live anywhere other than the US & Canada – purposely blocked), but will take the opportunity now to notify the Digital Departement of LBC (we go way back :) and the decision of banning Lebanese residing in North America , especially in a world, very much open & increasingly collaborative.

If you live in the US & Canada, clicking the video below will prompt you with a message: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”.

How to Watch Kalam El Nass from North America

1- Go to http://ow.ly/7FpC6
2- Select Port: 80, 8080
3-  In the Countries List, remove the US & Canada, and click Update Results
4-  Look & choose an IP (make sure you select a green Connection Time, else you’ll wait longer for the video to download)
5- Go to Chrome/Firefox/Safari (what have you)’s preferences/options and change your Network Settings
6- Choose Manual (to give you the option of inputting an IP & port).
7- Save everything after you placed your new IP and connect to google just to see if it’s working & You can Watch the show either on LBC’s site or YouTube!
8- Don’t forget to remove the IP back to how it was after finishing watching the show.

n.b. Repeat steps 4 – 7 if you chose an unworking or slow connection.

Here’s the latest harsh & inquisitive interview between Marcel Ghanem & Prime Minister Najib Mikati.