Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass interviews Lebanese Australians at the University of Sydney


Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass traveled all the way accross the globe to shed light on the bright Lebanese Expatriates residing in Australia.

Promoting strengthened bonds between the peoples of Australia and Lebanon and the advancement of the Australian Lebanese community, a flagrant and affluent dinner was held by the Lebanese Australian Foundation, and Marie Roslyn Bashir, the current Governor of New South Wales and Chancellor of the University of Sydney.

Marcel Ghanem hosted two honest Kalam el Nass interviews with several promenent Lebanese Australians, concerning their identity, their roles in Australia, and touched on a very sensitive topic, in which the inner circle has specifically avoided, which is the bad reputation some Lebanese Australians impose on the collective consciousness of Australians in general.

I am also grateful to being introduced to a marvelously expressive intellectual, writer, poet and business consultant, Jonar Nader, in which Marcel graciously handed the stage to, for a brief moment.

Marcel Ghanem, a man I believe instills sanity and clarity to Lebanon’s political and sociological climate, in a humorous way (when circumstances permit). I would like to point out, that in my option, Marcel Ghanem is asking a very dangerous and personal question in which he asked each and every of his guests, to ‘choose‘ between Australia, their host country, and Lebanon, their country of origin. In my opinion, this question should not be asked, and I was happy to hear his guests responses; In turn, I would like to refer to previous posts (and here) I’ve written in such a Lebanese oriented blog as this, about our identity to the country in which we hold a nationality other than our Lebanese origin.

Watch the First Event held at the University of Sydney on 04/03/2010
and the Second Event held on 13/03/2010