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If you follow Lebanese politics, Social & Cultural news concerning Lebanon and the region, surely you watch Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam El Nass Thursday nights (Beyrouth time). It should please you to know that Kalam Ennas has released an iPhone app recently, and I must admit, it’s pretty hefty and decent. The user interface strongly encourages […]

Last night was an opening introduction to the famous Carlos Slim, Lebanese have been hearing about. The ideal medium as usual to get acquainted was through the lens of Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass. (split into 6 parts on YouTube)

Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass traveled all the way accross the globe to shed light on the bright Lebanese Expatriates residing in Australia. Promoting strengthened bonds between the peoples of Australia and Lebanon and the advancement of the Australian Lebanese community, a flagrant and affluent dinner was held by the Lebanese Australian Foundation, and Marie Roslyn […]

Its been a while. I tend to aggregate content. But my life once more have changed due to the ripple of yet again, changing jobs. Incidentally, this blog has witnessed 5 city move-ins since its inception, and now finally settled in this last. During my three months summer vacation in Beyrouth (yes, I like breaks […]

This is the first time I listen to Hariri Jr. for more than ten minutes. For a period of three hours, I was introduced through Marcel Ghanem to this young, and ambitious Lebanese patriot in trust and conscience. If you ask me, it’s definitely a change of heart towards this man. A patriotic, nationalistic and courageous young […]