FOX’s Rupert Murdoch looking into 20% stake in Rotana & LBC SAT


General Manager of Comtrax Solutions Jihad Bitar raised the alarm concerning an article published in Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal on a potential deal between Walid Ben Talal and Murdoch himself; and I quote…

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Rupert Murdoch – the Australian media mogul (owner amongst other things of the Fox channels and a large number of US/UK and Australian tabloids) is negotiating with Walid Ben Talal to acquire 20% stake in Rotana Media Group (Rotana Channels + LBC SAT, and etc…)

Rotana is already the owner/manager of Fox Middle East (Fox Series and Fox Movies) 

This come sin light of various rumors saying that Walid Ben Talal has lost a lot of money, and is in big need for fresh cash. – Arab Media Review


2 Responses to “FOX’s Rupert Murdoch looking into 20% stake in Rotana & LBC SAT”

  1. 1 The Glenn Beck Review

    You may enjoy my current post about Rupert Murdoch. When I found the information, it was eye opening.

  2. What’s alarming about that? Walid Bin Talal owns part of Fox News. Anyway, from reports I read, Murdoch is interested in Rotana’s online feature. Its currently in the beta stage but they are trying to sell shows and videos online – something Murdoch is very interested in doing back in the US as he mentioned recently “we should start paying for online news”.

    With Rotana and their plans, he will also have a foot in Middle East television.

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