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Its been a while. I tend to aggregate content. But my life once more have changed due to the ripple of yet again, changing jobs. Incidentally, this blog has witnessed 5 city move-ins since its inception, and now finally settled in this last. During my three months summer vacation in Beyrouth (yes, I like breaks […]

After the massive layoffs of fifty employees and writers at An-Nahar, it was LBC‘s, MTV‘s & Studio Vision‘s turn to do their part. While rumours circulated that MTV layed off around sixty of its staff, information director at MTV, Ghayyas Yazbeck clarified to L’Orient Le-Jour that his institution layed off only eight (8) employees. The concerned […]

Update: After An-Nahar, LBC, MTV & Studio Vision lays off more of their staff. Elias Khoury, Georges Nassif, Jean Karam (who headed the training center), Nazih Khater, May Yaacoub (editor of the last page), Khalil Nahas (editor of the sports page), Bahjat Khater (editor of the judiciary section), and Walid Abboud (responsible for the Nahar al-Shabab […]

After Waltz with Bashir, the Israelis are once more defining their version of Lebanon’s history. The first movie was a war between the Israelis and Palestinians on Lebanese soil, this latest describes the Israeli war with the Syrians, on Lebanese soil. The film will not be played in Lebanon, and hence this circle will, as […]

General Manager of Comtrax Solutions Jihad Bitar raised the alarm concerning an article published in Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal on a potential deal between Walid Ben Talal and Murdoch himself; and I quote… The Wall Street Journal reported today that Rupert Murdoch – the Australian media mogul (owner amongst other things of the Fox channels […]

LBC SAT‘s office in Jeddah has been closed by the Saudi Ministry of Information and Culture. This happened after LBC’s “Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid” showed the “confession” of a Saudi man, recalling how he had numerous sexual encounters with many Saudi women. The witness, explained how to pick up Saudi women using Bluetooth. The […]