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The Innercircle just added a new documentary to it’s School of Thought. The documenary entitled ‘Ancient Inventions of War, Sex and City Life‘ by Terry Jones shows how Ancient Inventions formulated todays Wars, Sex and the City Life. The documentary goes hand in hand with another documentary we’ve listed under History of Science and Evolution, “Connections […]

Most grassroots peace efforts in the Middle East try to build on areas of mutual agreement, but one group of Israelis and Arabs has taken a different tack – looking for arguments against peace between Israel and Syria. The OneMideast project, which formally goes public today, is making its debut at a time of high tension […]

After a few spins from certain media, I felt compelled remind those medias and Israelis of the “33 Day War”. …and if you don’t understand, go learn French.

At least three rockets fired from the direction of Lebanon have landed in the north of Israel, Israeli security forces say. Israel’s army responded with artillery. No-one has said they fired the rockets. If Hezbollah wanted to open another front to the current War in Gaza, it would be obvious it wouldn’t make such a […]

I’ll never forget the coverpage of ‘The Economist’ dated August 19, 2006, following the ’34-day war’, truly speaks louder than words. Many Lebanese criticize the war as being exhaustively damaging to the economy; all the while, doubting Israeli policies towards Lebanon in general. About the Hizbullah victory… Well I’ll reiterate a post I submitted in […]