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Lebanon’s Cabinet approved today a draft law, presented by Interior Minister Marwan Charbel, allowing Lebanese expatriates who were born abroad holding only citizenship of the country of birth, to apply for Lebanese citizenship if any of their father and/or grandfather are Lebanese. I imagine thorough verification on the part of the government but such measures […]

Political Stances on out of Country Voting

Lebanese Expatriates voting from their residential country. – An issue this blog has been keen on seeing adopted in a full manner, as any and every self respecting democracy in the world currently enjoys. This may also prevent rumours that some political parties paid for travelling tickets to get extra votes in their favour in 2009. […]

Lebanese are not allowed to vote from abroad. The memo. The Administration and Justice Parliamentary committee on Monday urged Lebanese citizens living abroad to register with the respective Lebanese embassies so that their names would be included in the voters’ lists for the 2009 elections. Committee Chairman Robert Ghanem told reporters Lebanese diplomatic missions would […]