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It is hard as a Lebanese to be indifferent to the situation in Syria. Our blog has by enlarge been silent on the civil unrest, to our lifetime neighbour, Syria. An unrest in Syria, which is rather familiar among Lebanese whom had to traverse a 10-year demographical upheaval and civil war for us, as Lebanese, to realise how to finally live […]

The struggle to understand the roles played by non-profit organizations of every shape and size in relation to the community is the central issue facing non-profits today. It affects fundraising, public relations, program development and long term planning while the question remains about how to fulfill the needs existing in the community.This seminar helps you […]

Why and how people and organizations give varies. Individuals mainly give because they are presented with a giving opportunity that motivates them. In turn, foundations give based on their specific defined philanthropic focus and goals, whereas a small part of donations from charitable contributions comes from corporations which seek to invest in community well-being. Dear […]

Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an international conflict transformation NGO, created Kilna Bil Hayy, or “All of Us in the Neighborhood,” in the hope of enlightening young viewers to the commonalities shared between Lebanon’s different communities. The 13-part series, which was funded by Denmark’s Rockwool Foundation, focuses on six families who live in the same […]