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  You can keep track of the movement on twitter by following the hashtag: #FlipTheSwitch. Many thanks to our colleague Samer at Perhaps we’re the first to call for it, but surely not the first to think about it… We are calling for a Mass Demonstration on April 17 at 10 AM at the root […]

How many times have you crossed a site and couldn’t play the video, seen the address or phone number of a Flashy restaurent. The iPad without Flash is just experiencing part of the internet.

Telecoms Minister Charbel Nahas announced Saturday that fiber optics will be launched in the coming weeks in Lebanon which will provide subscribers with easy access to international calls as well as an increase in Internet speeds to all subscribers by 10 to 20 percent. Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place […]

Elie Khoury of Woopra, Habib Haddad of Yamli & Sami Shalabi ventured on creating Yalla Startup! in order to help Lebanese and the entrepreneurs of the MENA region to launch their start ups and actually transforming their ideas to reality, taking their early stage startups to the next level by introducing them to the right […]

With the election of a new parliament, we have a real chance to explain to the new government that Broadband is truly a priority for the Lebanese people and businesses. Fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity is the pre-requisite for economic and social development in the 21st century. We already have secured the support of all […]

By Jenny Carless – Cisco Just like when any country elects new leaders – citizens and the business community have high hopes that their new representatives will continue making progress across many sectors of society. In particular, many Lebanese are looking to the new parliament and government to recognize and act upon the strong momentum, […]

The innercircle has a history of complaints (here and here) directed to the Lebanese Government concerning it’s status quo on the bandwidth of its internet. Today we learned that the internet speed in Lebanon is expected to become 20 times faster, in two months time. Lebanon is getting linked to a cable stretching from Saudi Arabia, […]