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Al Jazeera English has just published a long awaited documentary entitled the “Family Business”, describing the historical, deeply rooted, Lebanese family of the Gemayels. This four part documentary starts with the one below. part two    |    part three    |    part four

Hows that for a title? Israel, the Jewish state, since 1948 – has caused much help and damage to it’s neighbor to the north, Lebanon. Historically, it has been said, that Israeli Jews, and Lebanese Christians, have had des ententes, viewing it as a survival of existence “in a world of raging Islam”, as has […]

An independent firm, the International Crisis Group (ICG) published yesterday an in depth and balanced report on the current situation on the Christians in Lebanon. It’s a good read. Not your usual know it information. It had many information and historical background on each of the major Christian movements as they re-emerged in 2005, and […]

The inner circle has learned that a strategy has been set by ‘several‘ international observers, which was confirmed by the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and MP Amin Gemayel and have coordinated amoung each others the steps to be taken for the presidencial ‘debate’ which starts on Tuesday, September the 25th, 2007. The scenario will […]

This is it. The official results are out. The Metn by-elections has been grabbed by the FPM‘s Camille Khoury, as all of Sundays nightfall gave confusions since both parties claimed victory. The many Lebanese websites, including the Lebanese Forces as well as Tayyar‘s portal gave constant poll counts as the information came in. Somehow, there […]