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The Termium 2009 conference is a flop. I received several thoughts from Lebanon out of a clump of observers concerning the Termium conference at BIEL, and listened to their ideas. It seems… Lebanese social mingles realize that there is more potential of an Entrepreneurial spirit. The internet is creating a lot of niches, each specilizing […]

The information technology sector in Lebanon is forecasted to witness around 7% compound annual growth rate in 2009, thereby underlining the market’s considerable growth potential after hitting an estimated US$251 million last year. The steady increase in DSL users in Lebanon is also indicative of an imminent expansion of the domestic PC market. In response […]

Within this labored recovery, tourism forecasts had a history of being rather unreliable in Lebanon and expectations for massive growth in inbound tourism have been hyped repeatedly beyond what proved possible over the years. Expectations of finally breaking the 2 million mark sometimes looked genuine such as in 2006 when 460,000 visitors were counted in […]

Le programme de l’édition 2009 du festival international de Byblos (20 juin – 12 août) a été annoncé hier mardi, et les amateurs de musique ne devraient pas être déçus… Les amoureux de la musique ne peuvent pas manquer le prochain festival de Byblos 2009, qui leur offre un rendez-vous incontournable avec de  vraies légendes […]

Franco Frattini est le ministre italien des affaires étrangères. Bernard Kouchner est le ministre français des affaires étrangères et européennes. Amis depuis longtemps, nous avons souvent travaillé ensemble, main dans la main, sur des sujets où notre action conjointe avait plus de chance de succès parce qu’elle était franco-italienne. Parmi eux, le Liban occupe une […]

The March14 movement has launched their campaign four months ahead of election day. [ ?posts_id=1757342&dest=-1] While refraining from calling the campaign a rip off, some might find it to be very familiar.

Once Lebanon’s most hyped TV channel, MTV would start broadcasting again, making a comeback after it was closed by a court order on Sept.4, 2002, during Syrian hegemony over Lebanon. Previously, MTV targetted the specified intellectual mass, hence a comeback today for the once partly francophone channel could also raise an eye brow to a potential relaunch of the […]