It is hard as a Lebanese to be indifferent to the situation in Syria.

Our blog has by enlarge been silent on the civil unrest, to our lifetime neighbour, Syria. An unrest in Syria, which is rather familiar among Lebanese whom had to traverse a 10-year demographical upheaval and civil war for us, as Lebanese, to realise how to finally live together, playfully, rejoicing in our differences, and aim to build a country we envy.

Last week, Euronews described that the biggest victims in the Syrian unrest, were children, and often willfully targeting them. This news has pushed me to set out and take advantage of my vacation stay in Lebanon and cross the border into Syria. Along the way we met Kafa Min Ajl Souriya. They’ve described to us the type of support they do in helping children and the campaign launched.

Their purpose is selective and unifying. Helping out Syrian children victim in this conflict in terms of providing housing, food, books and toys. They have also set up a page on facebook for an open and calm discussion among all Syrian intellectuals and citizens.

Ten Lebanese athletes with march to represent Lebanon at the 2012 London Olympic Games:

Tvin Moumjoghlian (Ping Pong)
Andrea Paoli (Taekwondo)
Katya Bachrouche (Swimming)
– Ray Bassil (Shooting)
– Ahmad Hazer (Athletics)
– Gretta Taslakian (Athletics)
– Zain Shaito (Fencing)
– Mona Shaito (Fencing)
– Caren Chammas (Judo)
– Wael Koubrosli (Swimming)

To each, I’d like to Thank You for representing an alive and vibrant nation & wish you all the best at the games.

The new 2012 list of the Worlds most powerful Arabs reveals 85 names that originate from Lebanon, with Saudi Arabia contributing 67 and Egypt and the UAE 58 names each. Many US based Arabs are originally Lebanese, according to the magazine. Click here for the new List.

What we have published today is the most comprehensive guide of Arab influence all across the world. Our researchers have looked at the work of Arabs in every continent and every country across the globe, and covered every sector from business and finance to media, sports and science. It is clear from this list that Arab success and influence across the world has never been more significant than it is today.” -Ed Attwood, Editor of Arabian Business

In 2011, More powerful and influential people in the Arab world, trace their roots to Lebanon than any other country in the world, the Arabian Business Power 500 revealed.

Despite just 27 power players residing in the Arab state, the rankings show that 83 entries – or nearly 17 percent – originate from Lebanon.

Among the top Lebanese names are Director Charles Elachi at No.7, Adib Domingos Jatene at N0. 9, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn at No. 14, Author Amin Maalouf at No. 22, fashion designer to the stars Elie Saab, who holds the No.28 spot. Media mogul Elie Khouri, who runs his advertising empire from the UAE, also makes his mark at No.31,  Lebanese-Australian Chairman Jacques Nasser held the 101th spot on the Power 500. See the full list.

As a region, the Middle East has dominated this year’s Power 500, generating 63 percent of entries. Africa follows in second place with 15 percent of entries, while the Americas and Europe account for 13 and 7 percent respectively. Bringing up the rear is the Asia/Pacific region, which generated two percent of Power players and included the list’s first entry from Vietnam.

Within the Middle East, the UAE is home to the largest number of Power 500 Arabs, taking 20 of the top 100 spots alone. Al-Waleed Bin Talal, who equally holds the  Saudi & Lebanese nationality, held the top position.  Saudi Arabia, the Gulf’s most populous state, contributes 62 entries while Egypt, Syria and Kuwait account for 45, 30 and 21 respectively. Jordan notches up 21 entries each, while a further 18 reside in both Bahrain and Palestine. A further 11 are in Iraq.

The glowing light was reported at around 8:45 pm. Some are going as far as referring to it as an UFO, others as meteorite showers. Charbel has suggested that it may have been the result of a long range missile which was test fired from Astrakhan region in central Russia at 21:39 Moscow time. Others say these lights were first seen in Israel and Jordan. However, the Israeli Astronomical Association said the object was 80 kilometers high and was not a meteor.

From Lebanon:

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After reading and getting acquainted with this blog & myTV, I felt compelled to propegate messages from Lebanese in Lebanon to their relatives and expatriates.

You can watch the full series: Messages from Lebanon.

Adam Curtis, one of my favorite documentarian, known for many documentaries throughout the decade, among them The Century of the Self, The Power of Nightmares, and last year released the fascinating documentary called “All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace”. Don’t under estimate the content of this documentary, I have at least watched it five times, and I’m still entertained.

I highly recommend to any knowledgeably inclined human being, to understand the age we’re in, I present you with this preface.

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