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Des néonazis qui opèrent en plein cœur de l’Etat juif. En 2007, cette affaire avait choqué la société israélienne. Le 23 novembre 2008, les huit membres du groupe, qui filmaient leurs expéditions punitives, ont écopé de peines de prison ferme. “On ne pensait pas que cela pouvait exister chez nous” Simon Katin a émigré en […]

On Vacation


Hello Chaps, As you may have noticed, the blog has fallen silent for a week now. I’m currently in Lebanon; and I haven’t had enough time to fill you in, as Buffon and theFool are on vacation as well. Enjoy you’re end of it too :)

Please let me be frank and release some fumes through this post. Lebanon topped todays news in most western countries. Once again, the barbaric decadence of Lebanese shown on TV confuses most here in the west, as to whether they were Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese, or what have you. The worst part of all this, is […]

Since I changed cities in my residential country, and my recent vacation to my home country in Lebanon, I’ve been facing too many hectic changes which has reduced my posting patterns on the inner circle. I feel the urge to thank the many who still attend the blog and other inner circle Lebanese and to […]

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