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Oxygène – Offer avec le Journal L’Orient-Le Jour, le Mardi 27 Mars.

It was a promise by MTV and a heartfelt endeavor to the circle. An additional reason, not objected in the report, was the adamant fact that you no longer see Lebanon’s mountains, its horizon, its paysage, the greenery of what’s left of our Lebanon; For what? Loud & vulgar ads, imposing an “in yo’ face” […]

The Ministère de l’Environment has published a campaign concerning our precious shores. Bahr Loubnan is an association formed in Lebanon in December 2002 following a report on the dramatic consequences of the pollution of our Earth, and deep reflection on our environment. Take a moment to read an open letter by Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

C’est le grand jour, 2000 eleves seront à 10h au Place De L’etoile et des centaines d’autres batteront les tambours dans toutes les villes libanaises, dans leur école. Bonne chance à eux dans leur message de Paix pour un Liban Vert! L’événement sera retransmis en direct par satellite à travers le monde : NOURSAT – […]

On Earth day, tomorrow the 22nd of April, the Art Lounge is organizing a Presentations & Documentaries on our planet earth and they ways to preserve it. The evening will end with the screening of the stunning Film / Documentary Home by French environmentalist Yann Arthus Bertrand. Art Lounge Beyrouth, Karantina Info: 03 99 76 […]

Environment Minister Mohammad Rahal demanded Thursday that the hotline 1789 be adopted to submit complaints to his ministry. Rahal asked that all complaints be sent to his office for review. Car smogs (over exagerated), people burning wheels / garbage, plastics will not be gone unnoticed any more. Though for this to work, it should be […]

Lebanon and the Arab countries have all so far but neglected the issue of climate change but must now actively cooperate in negotiations during a key upcoming summit in Copenhagen, Lebanese environmental activists said on Monday. The demand was made by the throngs of people gathered in Beyrouth’s Ain al-Mreisseh neighborhood who erected a “Climate Change Countdown […]

Got an hour and half to burn? Hit the HQ button, turn on captions, click the full screen, sit back and enjoy. [Unfortunately the captions are only in English] Director – Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  Got the urge for some activism, subscribe to the Lebanese Green Party.

Lebanon’s newly founded Green Party of Lebanon (GPL) declared an “environmental state of emergency,”saying the country’s environment had entered a very critical stage. During a news conference over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in downtown Beirut, the GPL also launched an “Environmental Pact.” GPL’s president, Philippe Skaff, said the pact, which included a 20-point […]

C’est en déclarant l’état d’urgence écologique et en affirmant l’environnement au Liban avait atteint un état de détérioration critique, que le Parti Vert du Liban a lancé son Pacte écologique durant une conférence de presse organisée le 19 mars dans son siège principal au centre ville de Beyrouth. Ce pacte a été signé lors de […]

The Minister of the Environment Antoine Karam launched on Sunday a ‘national conference’  entitled “The Permanent National Conference on Environment” under the auspices of first Lady of Lebanon Wafaa Sleiman.  The conference brought together 200 members of environmental associations and close to 45 civil society organizations. “Turmoil and political conflict in Lebanon comes and goes, but if […]

First Dubai, and now others seem to be amazed by it. Noor International Holding is planning on building this massive island covering an area of 127.8 squared miles in the touristic coastal area of Lebanon, the Cedar Island lends itself as a luxurious residential, commercial, and touristic project. Its geographical location along the Lebanese coast […]

I just received this email from Samir Skaff, and I share it with you as many of you have asked for this precisely. Happy New Year You were very numerous to be confident in our vision, in our mission and our principles. Thank you for your interest, Thank you for your participation to the Green […]

Alluring CEO of Grey Advertising in the Middle East, Philippe Skaff was elected yesterday president of the Green Party in Lebanon. At a meeting held at the Monroe Hotel, Nada Zaarour, president of the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation (AFDC) was elected Green Party vice president, political analyst Osama Safa secretary general and Sawsan […]

The biggest challenge now for the cedars of Lebanon is climate change,” said Nizar Hani The cedar’s natural range is now 1,200 to 1,800 metres above sea level, Hani said. A warmer climate would mean cedars could only prosper higher up, where it’s colder, and risk drying out, Hani said. Cedars once covered vast swathes […]