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The innercircle has first-hand experienced a ‘cold approach‘, CBC just released this story. CBC – Canadians who are flying to Lebanon on free plane tickets provided by party supporters could tip the difference in a close parliamentary election in that country. Corporate sponsors are paying for hundreds of supporters of the pro-Western Future Movement in […]

One of the fools here at the Innercircle (speaking on their behalf) have been following the Lebanese elections closely; “Though, I am forbidden to vote, I nagged at the embassy by a phone call, because the Lebanese Government, has delayed letting Lebanese residing abroad to vote, in order to pitch in our ideals for a Lebanon as a beacon. […]

Nous allons déployer 30.000 soldats et policiers autour des bureaux de vote et des régions avoisinantes et 20.000 ailleurs à travers tout le pays“, a indiqué à l’AFP le ministre de l’Intérieur Ziad Baroud dimanche. Ziad Baroud est un indépendant au sein du gouvernement d’union nationale. Le plan établi par les autorités “tient compte des […]

To all those living abroad, LBC has made it easy for us to keep an eye on the Lebanese Elections this time around. has an interactive map of the elections in Lebanon, and my favorite, a legal way of watching the most viewed political (and independent) show of the charismatic Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass. The portal unfortunately does […]

The Lebanese Interior Ministry launched Wednesday a website,, devoted entirely to the June 7 parliamentary polls. The website contains relevant elections-related information for candidates, monitors, journalists and the public. The ministry also launched an four-digit (1790) elections hotline for queries and complaints. The site is in Arabic, French and in English. Keep track of personal observations […]

The Future Movement of Saad el Hariri has a great political consulting firm, which coined the term and humorously used by Sayed Nasrallah in a recent speech. A battle of creative campaigns in Lebanon are taking toll, this year being the most expensive and organized campaigns in Lebanon’s history; The Change & Reform block and the Future Movement have stood […]

If you haven’t read the article in the New York Times entitled:”Foreign Money Seeks to Buy Lebanese Votes” – I suggest you start there. I personally have been offered a ticket to Lebanon before the elections to vote for a list of candidates! Many expatriates around me have had similar offers. The only reason I’m […]