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The innercircle has first-hand experienced a ‘cold approach‘, CBC just released this story. CBC – Canadians who are flying to Lebanon on free plane tickets provided by party supporters could tip the difference in a close parliamentary election in that country. Corporate sponsors are paying for hundreds of supporters of the pro-Western Future Movement in […]

L’Association du Patrimoine Libanais-Canadien vous présente le film “Une Chanson dans la Tête”, un film de 2008 par le réalisateur Hany Tamba, mardi le 7 avril 2009 à 18h30. C’est l’histoire de Bruno Caprice qui a connu un succès éphémère avec Quand tu t’en vas, dans les années 70 avec son premier et unique 45 tours. Aujourd’hui oublié, […]

A Lebanese-Canadian has become the latest solider to be killed in the country’s peace keeping efforts in Afghanistan. Marc Diab, 22, from The Royal Canadian Dragoons, immigrated to Canada along with his family in 2000. According to his mother, Jihan was proud to serve his adopted country and had dreamed of a military career since […]

To most Lebanese-Canadians and surely those residing in Québec know of the hilarious  Têtes à claques animation sitcom. This clip was sporadically spread throughout the Lebanese community in Canada. I should note the dialect has the Québecois accent which ought to take a few seconds for you to catch up, and understand. Feel free to check […]

Le Québec a signé 8 ententes avec Liban. Entente dans les domaines de la culture et de l’éducation entre le gouvernement du Québec et le gouvernement de la République Libanaise (Entrée en vigueur 2003 , Durée Cinq ans) Entente entre le gouvernement de la République Libanaise et le gouvernement du Québec portant sur la contribution […]

After the great success of last year’s “Lebanese Night” at Club Moomba, Lebanus is pleased to invite you and your friends to the biggest Lebanese party ever at Opera Club in Downtown Montreal. Come and experience the great Lebanese atmosphere, the elegant crowd and the unique setting at Opera Club on Friday, Nov.14, 08. We […]

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