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Six Lebanese projects were among the 30 top projects that qualified for the MIT Arab Business Plan Competition, which is organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum for the Arab region. In a statement to the press, the organizers of the event said the first round of the competition closed on January 22 of this year. […]

Franco Frattini est le ministre italien des affaires étrangères. Bernard Kouchner est le ministre français des affaires étrangères et européennes. Amis depuis longtemps, nous avons souvent travaillé ensemble, main dans la main, sur des sujets où notre action conjointe avait plus de chance de succès parce qu’elle était franco-italienne. Parmi eux, le Liban occupe une […]

Diana Kahil - On February 13, The Max Jacob Award and the Florence Gould Foundation presented the Max Jacob Award to the two winners of the 2008 edition: French poet and writer Jacques Jouet for his work entitled MRM (POL), and Lebanese poet-writer Issa Makhlouf, from the mountains of Ehden, for his work entitled Letter to […]

Comtrax/NOW Lebanon – Ad Diyar newspaper suggested that the electoral battle is between Aoun and the patriarch. In fact, it seems that the latter is the most active “March 14th Christian leader and tenor.” The opposition-led newspaper is framing the electoral battle on the Christian field between the General and the patriarch. On another level, […]

They said “I do” and sealed their marriage. But this time, the wedding ceremony was not blessed by a sheik or a priest in a church or mosque, as is usually the case in Lebanon. It was performed in a bar. To protest laws that do not allow for civil or secular marriages to be […]

Financial results issued by five banks listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange show that their aggregate net profits reached $823.3m in 2008, constituting an increase of 23.4 percent from $667.1m in 2007, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group. BLOM Bank posted $251.6 million in net profits, followed […]

The March14 movement has launched their campaign four months ahead of election day. While refraining from calling the campaign a rip off, some might find it to be very familiar.

Throwing shoes during a lecture, or news conference is surely getting Media attention. Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Benny Dagan, was the victim of a shoe-throwing incident at a lecture at Stockholm University on Wednesday afternoon. The incident took place as Dagan was delivering a speech about Israel’s upcoming elections. At the time, there were about […]

Facebook, the social networking giant boasting, has a new plan for generating revenue: selling user data from its 150 million members to market research firms. “The company, which has struggled to make money from advertising, has been demonstrating the benefits of its new instant polling tool to some of the most influential business leaders at […]

La projection du film « Un Conte de Noël » de Arnaud Desplechin au palais de l’UNESCO a marquée l’ouverture de la 15e édition du Festival du cinéma européen le jeudi 27 novembre. Ce festival, organisé au cinéma Sofil par la commission de la délégation européenne et les ambassades de l’Union Européenne, présente jusqu’au 7 […]

the video TOKYO, Japan – A 43-year-old Japanese woman whose sudden divorce in a virtual game world made her so angry that she killed her online husband’s avatar has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, police said Thursday. an Avatar is a Hindu term for the incarnation of a higher being.

A new browser entered the market yesterday; If you are using Internet Explorer, you are way behind; at least to any Firefox (or Safari) user. Not to feel embarrassed or anything, but the new Google Chrome browser, I have to admit, after thorough tests, came out really lightweight, and runs 1/3 of the memory of […]

The War of 33


When it comes to wars, not all are reported the same way, why is that? Well the answers are many and varied, if the US has no direct involvement, the conventional media prefers to focus on matters that directly effect the US, and US interests. While one cannot fault the news organizations for reporting on […]


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