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A campaign was launched in Lebanon by Impact BBDO & LBC titled: “Sheyif 7alak”, this crowd sourcing campaign is not only fun, but helpful. Most cellphones have a camera, Set it up to Quickly Activate the camera (in one form or another on your mobile), Shoot any Wrong Doing you See around you, and Post […]

One of the last remaining relics of pre-war Beirut, the Grand Theatre was recently mentioned by my colleague at Qifa Nabki and intrigued me to aggregate this abandoned acquirement. A film by Omar Naim part 2 | part 3

Après sept mois de préparation, LIBALEL, projet de webdocumentaire dédié à la jeune scène artistique libanaise pose ses valises à Beyrouth ! L’occasion de vous présenter le chemin déjà parcouru et celui qu’il reste à tracer. Ces sept premiers mois de travail ont été ceux d’un important travail d’exploration de la scène artistique libanaise. Pour questionner la teneur des […]

It was a promise by MTV and a heartfelt endeavor to the circle. An additional reason, not objected in the report, was the adamant fact that you no longer see Lebanon’s mountains, its horizon, its paysage, the greenery of what’s left of our Lebanon; For what? Loud & vulgar ads, imposing an “in yo’ face” […]

part 2  |  part 3  |  part 4  | part 5

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