Al Masi7 Qaam!


Breaking News: Jesus of Nazareth was awaken from the dead today, 2012 years ago about two hours south of Beyrouth. and thats not even news :o)

Happy Easter to all. For the Christian Orthodox, Jesus will rise, next week, 2012 years ago.

p.s. as usual my Lebanese muslim friends, were the first to wish me a happy easter. ironic. but blissful. Of course, knowing my friend, I questioned him by asking… el Masi7 Kam(?)You’d have to be close to pass that one :-}

I’ve posted a Fairuz song on Easter Sunday for all of you living far from home.

p.s. The innercircle has lobbied in favor of an online petition for Christians of all denomination to celebrate Easter all on the same date.


8 Responses to “Al Masi7 Qaam!”

  1. Correct Worried Lebanese, took a decision to recycle yearly, recurring events. Please forgive the Orthodox/Maronite error in dates for all future re-posting of this article.

    Happy Easter to all.

  2. Did you recycle the 2009 post? this year all christian communities celebrated together! ;-)

  3. 3 Robert

    ghaddafi!! Happy Easter to you too buddy :)

  4. 4 ghaddafi

    This is not right Guys, There is no proof. Think of it, Why would Allah have a son on Earth.
    Jesus is a Prophet.
    Allah is Mighty, He does not have a Son nor Wife.

  5. His twin brother will rise as well next week :P

  6. 6 Posh

    Sorry I almost forgot… Happy Easter.

  7. 7 Posh

    Why, what his response? I am curious.

  8. 8 steeeeph

    Hakkan Qam! Even though “my easter” happens to be next week. It’s a shame we celebrate it twice. We’re not even united with this. For the ones who don’t go to church, this is the time where we watch “Passion of the Christ” of “Jesus of Nazareth”. It’s amazing how these movies still impact us even though we’ve watched them millions of times.

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